[ Overview of GaitKeeper® suite of products ]

Full motion analysis gaitlab (Highly accurate and is much easier and affordable alternative to a marker based systems)

  • Record any motion within your calibrated volume
  • Have video cameras record and produce irrefutable proof of patient activity
  • Have generated PDF reports for insurance payer reimbursement from a third party that does not have a vested interest
  • Compare your patient against a large patient population, prior testing, and reports
  • Our system is the easiest gaitlab to operate and the most affordable

Markerless motion capture video software (Kinematics)

  • Patient needs can move in unconstrained environment
  • No need for maticulous placement of markers or lycra suits
  • No unbalanced accelerometers to test each time
  • You can operate our system, no need to have Engineers or PhD’s to facilitate.
  • Patient can wear normal attire (shirt, pants and shoes must be opposing colors).

Wireless foot pressure mapping sensors (Kinetics)

  • No need for heavy force plates or any walking pads
  • No construction or change to facility needed

Automated Outcome Measure Reports (Automatically generates PDF reports for reimbursement for proof of ADL’s, Dear Physician Letter and other DME MAC prerequisites)

  • L-Test
  • Level Ground Walking (6m Walking Test)

Performance Test(s): Automated Reporting Currently In Development

  • TUG – “Timed up and go”
  • 4-Square Step Test (2017/18 Release)
  • Figure 8 Walking (2017/18 Release)

Actual system equipment you will receive:

  1. Server based computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, system wifi hub and video USB cables
  2. Propreitary GaitKeeper® motion analysis software (pre-loaded)
  3. Access to GaitKeeper® Score population (largest de-identified growing patient population)
  4. (8) – Wall mounted or in-wall cameras with protected housing
  5. (3) – Sets of insole foot sensors and two ankle transmitters
  6. (1) – GaitKeeper® Care Package – (Shipped every six months)
  • Shirts
  • Patient measurement intake tools
  • Scale


Due to high demand, Anatomical Engineering Inc. is offering a waiting list for interested Certified Prosthetists and PT / Rehab Specialists to receive demos and updates on the GaitKeeper® technology release for 2017. Interested practices looking to implement a GaitKeeper® system will be able to reserve their system and receive updates concerning the fields of orthotics/prosthetics, PT / Rehab and DME – Durable Medical Equipment.