GaitKeeper® [Research Edition]

Sick of marker-based gait analysis systems? We have all experienced the time consuming setups, unfriendly user workflow, expensive capital investments, physical space limitations that come with a Motion Analysis or Vicon.

We’re not an accelerometer based technology that gives you inconsistent data.  GaitKeeper® gives you all the accuracy of a validated marker based system at third of the price.  You will not need to staff additional engineers, PhDs and specialists for testing implementation.  In addition, our system does not require installing large force plates in the floor. The setup is very minimal and our engineers at Anatomical Engineering will come to your facility and install within a few days.

Researchers and Universities: (Academics love us!)

  • MSOP – Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Physical Therapy – Rehabilitation (In/Out-patient)
  • Athletic Training and Sports Conditioning
  • Military – DARPA
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • In-patient Hospital Systems
  • Video / Media / Film Production

Our GaitKeeper® research edition allows your clinic access to the easiest to use and most affordable gait lab on the market.  8-camera full kinematic capabilities recording any unconstrained motion within our captured volume area.  Our proprietary motion analysis system has full kinetic capabilities too.  Our foot floor sensors allows you to analyze load symmetry.  Setup time is minimal, easy as putting on a pair of shoes and intake measurements.  We make sure your gait lab works for you, not the other way around.

Developed tests that have automated generated reports:

  • Level ground walking
  • L-Test
  • TUG
  • 4-Square
  • Figure 8
  • Balance Test

Not interested in using our advanced algorithms to produce semi-real time reports?  Our system can supply complete raw data and will supply you with video and foot data for all your quantitative needs.

Note: we can record any movement, battery of tests you desire within the calibrated volume in which we can record. Our system is scalable to your facility and testing needs.

GaitKeeper® enables more time, better results and for a fraction of the cost. Dust off your elaborate and complicated gait lab and get a GaitKeeper® system today!

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