Learn how GaitKeeper® can help your O&P practice

The O&P industry is moving towards clinicians and caregivers changing their practices from experience to measurement based while doing a better job of documenting outcome measures.  Learn how GaitKeeper® will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide quantitative patient reporting.

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Register to be on the GaitKeeper® waitlist

Due to high demand, Anatomical Engineering Inc. is offering a waiting list for interested Prosthetists and Therapists to receive updates on the GaitKeeper® technology release for 2016. Interested practices looking to implement a GaitKeeper® system will be able to reserve their system and receive product and industry updates concerning DME – Durable Medical Equipment.

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Register for a GaitKeeper® demo

Register for a custom GaitKeeper® demo and see how your practice can benefit immediately.  Test drive the most affordable and easiest to use gait labs on the market.  See GaitKeeper®’s third party generated outcome measure reports for proof of variable cadence and activities of daily living.

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